Wedding flowers help to set the overall style and theme of the big day, adding scent and atmosphere as well as visual appeal. Healey Barn has many stunning features which are perfect to be dressed in floral flourishes to create a beautiful atmosphere for your event.

The Long Barn at Healey has a beautiful oak beamed roof, huge candelebra and a massive fireplace – all of which can be enhanced with floral displays to give the real wow factor to your event. Take a look at the information and images in this section and see how we work in harmony with this beautiful space. As the recommended florist for Healey Barn we have all the experience required to make the very best of your wedding venue.

Absolutely stunning flowers for our wedding and all the guests were amazed how beautiful they were. It was the second thing I noticed (after my husband) as I walked down the aisle. Highly recommend you.
Emma Browne